ReUp Education

ReUp is an organization dedicated to helping college students who drop out to re-enroll and graduate. 40 percent of college students in the United States don’t end up getting their degree, and these students are disproportionately from lower class backgrounds. Many dropouts are the first in their family to go to college, and all face a myriad of financial, social, and academic challenges that keep them from finishing. These students are often forced to take jobs that don’t pay as well, don’t ignite their passion, and don’t let them reach their potential -- and they leave college with the same amount of debt as a graduate, minus the earning power of a diploma.ReUp’s goal is to clear the path for the 31 million Americans with some college and no degree to go back to school, complete their remaining credits, and graduate. We partner with universities and use proprietary technology to find students eager to get back to college (over 89 percent of dropouts report that they’ve thought about re-enrolling), and give them the support they need to re-enroll and graduate. Once the student has re-enrolled, ReUp provides ongoing support through a blend of technology tools and human coaches to help students pick the right courses, map out a prudent financial plan, develop a peer network support, and stay on track to accomplishing their long term goals. By sticking with our students through graduation, we ensure that they earn the best ticket to the middle class in our country: a college degree.