Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) is a Colorado-based 501(c)3 organization that provides professional development services for practicing educators locally and nationally, and operates the PEBC Teacher Residency for training well-qualified new teachers for high-needs schools. The Residency recruits, trains and supports effective new teachers from diverse backgrounds for urban and rural school districts and is building the infrastructure needed to become a statewide pipeline over the next 5 years.

PEBC’s goal is to provide training and professional learning to cultivate highly effective K-12 educators who are dedicated to students’ social, emotional and cultural needs as well as growth and achievement. In our work with educators and as an employer, we adopt an asset-based approach to cultivating a collaborative community of learners that values responsive and reflective practice and operates in a culture of positive intention and respect.

Local, state, and national leaders trust PEBC to inform the development of sound education policy that profoundly impacts success for students and teachers alike. PEBC has developed decades of direct experience in schools, deep knowledge of theory and practice, and a network for thousands of exceptional educators and passionate business and community leaders. Policymakers and advocates count on PEBC to advise the development and implementation of policy so that good ideas translate to great outcomes – in classrooms, schools, and systems as well as for our nation’s workforce and economy.

PEBC’s Mission is to cultivate educators worthy of each and every learner.