Valiente College Preparatory Charter Schools

Principal/Executive Director

About Valiente College Preparatory Charter School

Valiente College Prep is a public charter school in Southeast Los Angeles, whose mission is to educate students in grades 5-8 to lead lives of scholarship and integrity. The school launched in Fall 2015 with 90 students in grades 4-5, and plans to expand to serve over 500 students in grades 5-8 in 2020. As a 501c3 non-profit public charter school, Valiente College Prep is guided by its mission and a deep commitment to improving the lives of underserved children through education. The Executive Director’s responsibilities include management of all areas of the school, including academic achievement, personnel management and financial oversight.

Leadership Goals

● Embody, advocate, and operationalize the mission, vision, and strategic direction of Valiente College Preparatory

● Create, monitor, and sustain a school culture of academic rigor through clear expectations of students, families, faculty, and leadership team

● Demonstrate passion for education by developing mission-driven programs and policies

●Advocate on behalf of the students, families, and faculty in a way that is consistent with the mission of the school

● Achieve dramatic and consistent improvement in student academic performance

● Provide the essential data, relevant reports, and information necessary to govern the school in a timely manner

● Communicate as the primary spokesperson for the school and advocate to all external audiences including investors, media, community partners, government, organizations, and local leaders

● Support the professional development and growth of faculty and administrative staff

● Comply with the charter, accountability requirements, and all relevant law

Administrative Duties

● Provide day–to-day leadership of the school

● Recruit, appoint, support, manage, and evaluate leadership team members

● Recruit, hire, evaluate, and terminate all staff members

● Recruit and enroll students, including facilitation of public lottery

● Lead community meetings, faculty meetings, and school leadership meetings

● Administer, teach, and lead professional development when appropriate

● Use data-driven analysis to evaluate teacher performance and student academic achievement

● Provide all necessary resources, training, and materials for the staff to effectively raise student academic achievement

● Sets goals and objectives, evaluate performance, and develop growth/skill strengthening plans for staff

● Recommend staffing levels and budgetary priorities to the Board of Directors

● Provide leadership and empower staff to achieve both measurable and intangible academic deliverables

● Document and disseminate the school’s academic and operational processes

● Develop and implement fundraising initiatives that contribute to student and staff development and meet school’s financial commitments

● Mediate and manage school-related conflicts

● Handle employment and dismissal of personnel, salaries and contracts, job assignments and performance evaluation, and orientation and training

● Establish budgets and plans to ensure that school meets its financial commitments to its students, staff, and community

● Lead and resource the application process for governmental funding, including grants

● Interface with community and business leaders to achieve academic, marketing, and financial goals for the school and to share best practices

● Work to ensure the school’s commitment to diversity and visibility within the urban community

● Manage and allocate the finances of the school (budget, cash flow, development, grants, contracts, bonuses, etc.) prudently and efficiently to maximize student achievement

● Work with the Board and its Committees to marshal resources for capital improvements and a permanent facility, for extracurricular curricular opportunities, and supplemental academic programs

● Ensure the accuracy of all financial documents in conjunction with the operation of the school including budgets, cash flow statements, expenditures, revenues, payroll, benefits, taxes, etc.

● Perform and execute any other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors

Qualifications and Experience

● Strong commitment to the mission and vision of the school

● Experience in education, strategic planning, staff development, board relations, financial management, and operations

● Motivational and energetic leader who is committed to excellence

● Solutions-oriented strategic thinker who has overcome complex organizational challenges

● Unwavering in pursuit of excellence even in the face of difficult opposition and challenges

● Results-driven educational leader with a commitment to standards-based curriculum and the use of data and assessments to drive instructional decisions

● Teaching experience in urban areas with marked and measurable success

● Fundraising experience with a history of cultivating and securing financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations

● Experienced public speaker

● Well-developed technical and persuasive writer

● Knowledge of budgetary planning and accounting principles

● Proven understanding of statistical data and analysis

● Knowledge of educational and regulatory compliance at all governmental levels

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