Bitsbox teaches kids to love coding, because coding is about making stuff, and teaching kids to make stuff is the cat's pajamas. We're a small group of dedicated writers, artists, engineers, designers, architects, actors, and coders who have come together to make beautiful technology and materials that advance the state of the art in our field.

Our team is small, our office is spacious, and our snacks (and lunch on Thursdays) are free. We try to maintain an even gender split. Some of us are parents; some of us aren't. We all take work/life balance seriously. None of us are jerks. We're snobbish about spelling and grammar, but not about where you went to school.

If you work with us, your voice will be heard. We're too small and too busy for bureaucracy and politics. We firmly believe that good ideas can come from anyone, but that not all ideas are good ideas, and that anyone has the right to say when they think something isn't a good idea. Even if it came from the top.

Bitsbox is a startup, so things are unpredictable sometimes. Roles change slightly and deadlines appear out of nowhere. Everyone who works here is willing to do anything it takes to make a great product, get it out on time, and help kids, parents, and teachers learn to be the best coders they can be.