Rocky Mountain Preparatory School

About Rocky Mountain Prep

Rocky Mountain Prep is a growing network of innovative public charter schools, serving students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade in the greater Denver Area. Rocky Mountain Prep opened its first school in 2012 with 130 students and has grown to four schools, working with over 1,500 scholars across two districts. Grounded in our culture of rigor and love, our schools consistently outperform local districts academically, while also ensuring our scholars are developing in our PEAK values of perseverance, excellence, adventure, and kindness.

Our Mission

Every child realizes their full potential through a rigorous and loving elementary education.

Our Vision and Commitment to Equity

We know potential is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We believe all children deserve access to a great public education. Our commitment to equity and academic rigor means that we help every student achieve. Our culture of love and inclusion means that we welcome, support, and challenge everyone with kindness and respect. You can see more about our commitment to equity here.

Where We Work

The Denver metro area is a vibrant and diverse community with great restaurants, outstanding culture, and access to all of the beauty and outdoor activities of Colorado. Our schools currently span four locations, and campuses will continue to grow each year to serve Pre-K through 5th grade.

Who We Seek

First and foremost, we are looking for staff members that deeply believe that every child deserves an outstanding education and that with the right supports, every child can realize his or her full potential. Our staff members have incredible growth mindsets - we don't see problems, we see possibilities, and each and every one of us has a deep desire to continue to grow and learn. We also bring a track record of success and achievement from our previous classroom experiences or other educational and professional pursuits.

Our staff believes that when you love someone, you hold them to high expectations - and we apply this to our own work, the work of our colleagues, and the work of our scholars. We take our work seriously, but ourselves less so - we laugh and joke and bring joy to work every day. And finally, we value a diversity of perspectives and experiences, recognize the humanity of those around us, and seek to build an inclusive environment that models what we wish to see in the world.

Overall, we're good people with big hearts, who care a whole lot about our people - both big and small - and are constantly improving our practice to be the staff our scholars truly deserve.