Bright Star Schools


Bright Star students will become leaders who act with integrity and champion equity to enrich our communities and the world.


At Bright Star Schools, our mission is to provide holistic, inclusive support for all students to achieve academic excellence and grow their unique talents so that they find joy and fulfillment in higher education, career, and life.


Integridad. Integridad means we need to be the best versions of ourselves, to speak our own truth, and to advocate for those whose voices are not heard.

Ubuntu. Ubuntu means that our humanity is shared, that we value kindness, and that we support one another to become the people we strive to be.   

고향. Kohyang means hometown and encourages us to build meaningful connections and strong community ties, because our hometowns are integral to our identities.

Growth. Growth means having a mindset that allows us to achieve excellence and gain fulfillment through our pursuit of learning and development.