Arbor Brothers

Be part of the solution.

New York may be the greatest city in the world, but our community faces a daunting gap in opportunity.  At Arbor Brothers, we believe in creating a level playing field on which a young person’s future is determined by her zeal, not by her zip code.

If you believe every one of our neighbors deserves access to real opportunity and you want to invest your career in making that a reality, keep reading.  We’ve got a model that works and a place for you in it.


About Arbor Brothers

Arbor Brothers finds the New York metropolitan area’s most promising social entrepreneurs addressing root causes of poverty and helps grow their ideas into powerful and sustainable forces for change.


We take an engaged approach to philanthropy, providing both financial support and in-depth consulting to nonprofit leaders whose organizations have moved off the drawing board and onto the growth curve.  To maximize the impact of our giving, we deploy our diverse and talented team to: 


  • Screen and select high-potential nonprofit organizations from hundreds of applicants, with rigorous vetting through management meetings and site visits.


  • Fund operations with significant grants of unrestricted capital, targeting $300,000 of support over three years.


  • Engage in a deep partnership, climbing into the trenches with grantees to help solve their most pressing problems and build internal capacity. We annually invest hundreds of hours of our time in each grantee to co-create the systems, team and culture necessary for impact and growth.  This includes building strategic plans, financial forecasts, performance management systems and more. 


Our grantees are social impact rocket ships: over the course of our engagement they more than triple the number of young people they serve while winning awards and attracting other premier funders along the way.  Grantee partners have included leading nonprofits like All Our Kin, COOP and GirlTrek.  Our current portfolio extends this investment in the youth and workforce of the NY-NJ-CT community.


Arbor Brothers was founded in 2010 by Sammy Politziner and Scott Thomas, two Teach for America alumni with a decade of prior experience in nonprofits and on Wall Street.