SUNY Charter Schools Institute

The Charter Schools Act of 1998 grants the State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees authorizing power to grant charters for the purpose of organizing and operating independent and autonomous public charter schools. Currently, 185 charter schools authorized by SUNY operate or are approved to open across New York State: 191 are located in or around New York City and 23 are located in upstate New York.  

The Charter Schools Institute was created by the SUNY Trustees in 1999 to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities under the Act.

The Institute is charged with evaluating initial applications for the opening of charter schools, ongoing monitoring of student academic performance and overall school operations, and for presenting findings and recommendations regarding the renewal of a school’s charter to the SUNY Trustees.

Striking that delicate, difficult and seemingly always changing balance between giving schools autonomy and providing responsible oversight, and between treating schools as independent institutions while still assuring accountability, is the hard work that the Board of Trustees has committed to, and the foundation of the work of the Charter Schools Institute.

The Institute is committed to the creation and operation of highly successful charter schools throughout New York State.