Dent Education

Dent Education’s Mission

Dent Education promotes equity by empowering under-resourced youth to discover and develop their innate creative potential to shape the world around them. 

Dent Programs

Dent programs empower Baltimore teens to be creative problem solvers, makers, and entrepreneurs. Whether it's using a laser cutter to build custom jewelry, using Adobe Illustrator to design a flyer for a local business, or using a digital audio workstation to produce a podcast or song, Denters experience their ability to dream up an idea and turn it into real impact. They apply design thinking to understand needs, brainstorm solutions, and launch real ventures. We believe in economic empowerment as a means to promote equity and agency; Denters earn money or receive funding in all of our programs.  Our goal is for students to realize their potential to make a dent in the universe, achieve upward mobility, and live with agency.

The Dent Mindsets 

The Dent Mindsets are the foundation of our organization. The goal of all programs is to develop these mindsets in our students. It’s not only what we teach, but also how our team operates. Our Mindsets are:

  • We see problems as opportunities
  • We ask why?
  • We listen deeply
  • We take action
  • We fail fast and keep learning