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Since we opened our doors in 1998, YES Prep has continuously redefined possible for students, families and the public education system at large. Today, with 18 schools and one Alternative Education Program (THRIVE) in operation, serving over 13,000 students throughout Houston, YES Prep is living proof that different outcomes are possible when students from low-income communities are given access to high-quality educational opportunities.

May 07, 2019
POSITION:  School Health and Related Services (SHARS)  Compliance Manager REPORTS TO:  Managing Director of Federal & State Compliance & Grants POSITION TYPE:  12-Month START DATE:  July 1, 2019 LOCATION:  YES Prep System Office, Houston, TX THE CHALLENGE  Across the nation, only half of all students from low-income communities graduate from high school and only 10% earn a college degree. Even though 85% of our students are economically disadvantaged,  YES Prep   provides evidence that different outcomes are possible. Eighty-seven (87%) of YES Prep alumni matriculate to college within one year and alumni like  Eddie Zapata   are earning their college degrees at five times the rate of their peers with similar socioeconomic backgrounds. How do we do this? Each of YES Prep’s  19 campuses   serves 6th-12th graders like  Monique Bowie .   Students typically enter YES Prep one or more grade levels behind, but quickly find themselves on a different life trajectory. This is a result of transformative relationships with teachers and leaders, and access to excellent educational opportunities. As the first minority-majority city, Houston’s schools cannot keep up with demand from students like Eddie and Monique. Houston is the 4th largest city (on track to become the 3rd), and this booming population translates into 2,000 families on YES Prep’s waitlist. YES Prep’s student enrollment is estimated to grow 31% between now and 2023 (from just over 13,000 students currently to 17,000). THE OPPORTUNITY YES Prep needs a dynamic SHARS Compliance Manager, with a diverse set of experiences, to make our mission a reality. As a YES Prep employee, you will achieve jaw-dropping results, create pathways to opportunity for our students, build transformative relationships, and eliminate educational inequities to advance social justice. To put it simply,  the SHARS Compliance Manager oversees the district’s School Health and Related Services (SHARS) program, including training, advising, and supporting campus and district staff; monitoring and auditing documentation to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations; and reviewing and analyzing district data to continuously improve the process for maximizing Medicaid reimbursements to better serve students.  THE ROLE When you join the YES Prep team, some of the exciting work and responsibilities will include: <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Developing and managing SHARS program compliance and accountability standards, processes, and systems; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Setting and tracking SHARS program annual goals, metrics of success, and high impact actions; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Training, advising, and supporting campus and district staff on SHARS, including the Medicaid billing process and standards; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Developing annual SHARS budget projections and advising Finance and Special Populations about allowable use of funds;  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Establishing and maintaining cross-functional communication about SHARS; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Serving as the point of contact for the district’s SHARS consultant, HISD Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services, and coordinating all tasks (e.g., corrections, audits, and trainings); <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Ensuring the timely submission of all required data and documentation via eSHARS and other methods/systems; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Maintaining the Participant List in the Fairbanks system and coordinating quarterly Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS); <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Assisting in the preparation of the SHARS Cost Report with a focus on the analytics of the annual variance in staffing units and expenditures; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Continuously improving the accuracy and efficiency of the district’s Medicaid billing process to maximize reimbursements; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Advising and assisting campuses to ensure Individualized Education Program (IEP) documentation maximizes compliance with Medicaid billing standards and accuracy of PEIMS data; e.g., transportation forms, personal care supplements, and related services sections of the IEP; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Providing campuses with the necessary training and resources to explain the Medicaid consent form to parents, and reviewing and following up with campuses to ensure they are presenting the form to parents at Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meetings; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Conducting internal audits and developing and monitoring corrective action plans in collaboration with other members of Federal & State Compliance & Grants and Special Populations; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Maintaining all documentation required for Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audits; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Remaining up-to-date on SHARS regulations and best practices; <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Serving as the point of contact on all SHARS matters for the TEA, OIG, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership, and other organizations; and <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Additional duties as assigned. THE PERSON We seek staff with diverse backgrounds, talents, interests, and ideas. Certain traits consistently shine through for our most successful employees:  passion for the mission, drive for results, care for students, resilience, and humility . Other traits needed and desired for this role are: MUST HAVES <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting, Finance, or related field from an accredited four-year educational institution <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Minimum of three years of experience with the SHARS program in Texas, including Medicaid billing and Medicaid definitions of billable services <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Experience with eSHARS, EasyIEP, and Skyward systems <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Knowledge of special education and related services within a school district <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Knowledge of IEP development and ARD committee process <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Skill in financial management analysis, budget preparation, performance measurements, and auditing techniques <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Outstanding record of organization and attention to details <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Experience with data tracking, people and project management, and communication with a customer-service focus Belief in and commitment to the mission and core values of YES Prep Public Schools Openness to giving and receiving frequent feedback Demonstrated ability to work on a team Ability to juggle multiple tasks and initiatives at once Ability to maintain emotional control under stress THE PERKS <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Compensation –  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> This position is an exempt, salaried position; salary offers commensurate with experience. <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Health and Supplemental Insurance  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> –  A $0.00 medical option that includes $600 towards a Health Savings Account, in addition to a variety of supplemental benefits including Dental, Vision, Short and Long-Term Disability, Pet Insurance, Life, etc. <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Retirement Plans <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  – Participation in  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Teacher Retirement System of Texas <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  and a  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> 457 Retirement Plan <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Paid Time Off <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  – 15 days of Paid Time Off in addition to the system closures of our  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Academic Calendar <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> P <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> aid Leave Programming <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  – In the event you need to be out due to medical needs (including maternity and paternity leave), YES Prep offers up to 12 weeks of full paid leave <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Professional Development <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  -  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> YES Prep values longevity and performance over time through our  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Commit to Five <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  program. We invest in developing leaders through high-quality programs, effective coaching, and ongoing  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> professional development <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> . <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Award Winning Culture <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  –  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> The strong cultures of our campuses and Home Office are just one of many reasons we were named  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> Houston’s Best Place to work <span ":="" 12.0pt"="">  in 2018. We won the  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> 2012 Broad Prize for Excellence in Urban Education  <span ":="" 12.0pt"=""> and were a 2016 finalist as well. WE ARE DEEPLY COMMITTED TO EQUITY & DIVERSITY YES Prep strives to recruit a diverse team of leaders. We believe there is a transformative academic and social benefit for students when their teachers and leaders reflect a diversity of backgrounds. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of staff members agree that the organization provides a welcoming environment given their background and identity according to our latest system survey. YES Prep is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood. THE NEXT STEPS If this sounds like your just right job, please apply  here . If you are not sure this opportunity is for you, are simply curious, or know someone who would be perfect, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition team to be connected to a recruiter at  [email protected] .
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