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11 Non Teaching Jobs that Positively Impact K-12 Education

11 Non Teaching Jobs that Positively Impact K-12 Education

Are you passionate about K-12 education but aren't sure if the classroom is the right place for you? A non teaching job in education management may be your best option.

Rather than teaching in front of a traditional classroom, you'd rather put in the hours behind the scenes. You're most interested in helping to develop a school's overall vision and drive successful student outcomes. Maybe, you want to help devise policies and procedures to improve and innovate within the sector.

Does this sound like you?

If so, a non teaching job in education management might be an ideal fit. In this role, you'll help to drive and organize the day-to-day functions of a school, district, or network.

Today, we're sharing a few examples of the exciting non teaching career possibilities available in schools. Ready to learn more? Let's jump in!

1. Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Does the idea of overseeing curriculum and teaching standards appeal to you? If so, this career is an ideal fit.

In this role, you'll help develop the curriculum used at elementary and secondary schools in your district. Then, you'll help implement it into the schools and later perform tests to gauge its effectiveness.

In addition to ensuring that all materials are effective, you'll also ensure that they meet state educational standards. Some of your common duties will include training and supporting teachers, meeting with administrators, and reviewing student scores.

2. Compliance Manager

Especially in grades K-12, there are a myriad of local, state and federal standards that all schools must meet. Providing evidence that these measures are met is a full-time job, taken care of by a Compliance Manager.

In this position, you'll be responsible for keeping accurate and complete records of all relevant compliance documentation. You may also perform ad-hoc data analysis as required.

From meeting minutes to tax forms, the list of data to track can be endless, but with a proven process in place, you can make sure no important detail falls through the cracks.

3. Data Manager

There are many data points to identify, organize and manage within a school. From grades and behavior to assessments and degree requirements, this information is useful, though it can be challenging to effectively gather data, analyze it, and then implement changes in the classroom in the real-time manner necessary to improve outcomes. That's where a data manager comes in.

Data Managers can often play a critical role in using data to analyze situations, identify problems, and propose solutions. They dig through the insights to find patterns, spot trends and create forecasts to help institutions make more informed decisions.

Then, they use data-driven analyses to drive new strategy, whether it is helping teachers realize where they should focus their efforts or helping charter schools decide which neighborhoods to target and where to find a new facility.

4. Manager of Talent Acquisition

It's no secret that the staff makes the school.

To this end, it's important to hire great people. This is where the Manager of Talent Acquisition comes in.

Here, you'll recruit and hire personnel based on their alignment with the schools' mission and goals, along with their qualifications and background.

Your overall goal will be to bring the best people onto your team, and you'll get there by collaborating with team leaders and office staff members. You'll help create job descriptions, sort through and weed out resumes, conduct the phased interview process and support in determining the final hiring decision.

In some cases, this might mean problem-solving for ways around hard-to-hire roles. You'll also create an annual sourcing plan that aligns with your school's recruitment needs and talent strategy.

5. Director of School Transformation

Would you like to be at the helm of a concerted effort to drive change within an educational institution? If so, consider becoming a Director of School Transformation.

To improve student achievement and the schools' academic culture, you'll work one-on-one with principals, teachers, leadership teams and community members. You'll determine what's working and what isn't, along with what needs to change.

In some cases, this might mean launching innovative school models. Or, you may help the department leads develop objectives, set goals and execute priority initiatives. Either way, you prioritize performance at every turn.

This may also mean leading a more robust talent development program at your school, helping to find and hire qualified and dynamic teachers. You'll also help set operational goals, along with routine check-ins to track progress.

6. Family Engagement Manager

Studies show a positive correlation between family involvement in schools and student achievement.

To this end, a Family Engagement Manager can help encourage family participation in school-wide events and related community outreach efforts. This person will help strategize, support and create initiatives that connect families to individual student achievement and the school's work as a whole.

In some cases, this may include small but important changes, such as helping schools create a newsletter that details all upcoming events so parents can learn about them and attend. Or, it may require implementing special support, such as translation services, to make sure all family members have access to the same news and updates. 

7. Instructional Coach

Want to help teachers refine their instructional practices so as to meet every child where they are and ensure significant academic growth?  You can do so as an Instructional Coach.

With this role, you'll take evidence-based practices into classrooms, often meeting one-on-one or in small groups with personnel.

Is there an interesting and innovative new way to engage students? What about a kind of smart technology that makes lectures easier? You'll share these insights during your time together, offering on-the-spot training that can speed adoption.

Of course, some of the secrets of great instruction aren’t innovative tools, but rather timeless practices. To perform well in this role, you must be able to bounce back and forth between both, staying abreast on all of these updates and innovation yourself while becoming an expert coach. To this end, this role is both hands-on and research-based.

The overall goal with this position is two-fold. Not only are you helping teachers hone and improve their craft, but you're also enhancing the student learning environment.

8. Grants Manager

School fundraising efforts have come a long way since bake sales and cake walks.

Now, there are myriad of donors interested in helping schools succeed. This might be an individual looking to give every year or a local organization that allocates a set portion of funds for this very purpose.

Keeping track of all the details can be challenging, but if you're a Grants Manager, this is where you shine.

If you're a strong writer, you'll excel in this role, as it centers on building relationships through the written word. You'll write grants that provide a detailed history of your school's mission, financial needs and plans for the future.

As you grow in this role, you'll strengthen and cultivate existing donor relationships with local foundations and corporations, encouraging them to give year after year.

9. Business Operations Manager

A successful school operates like a well-oiled machine.

Do you want to be the one who helps to manage the daily endeavors of your institution? Become a Business Operations Manager!

You'll always be on the lookout for tools and resources that can improve school success and functionality. You may also participate in school activities, plan projects, coordinate parent meetings, facilitate parent communication, and manage vendor partnerships.

In a nutshell? You're the go-to guy or gal that keeps the whole place running smoothly.

You won't do it alone, though. You'll also oversee a team of school operations professionals. Together, you'll handle logistical tasks, including:

  • Driving policies and procedures across the school community
  • Financial management and assistance
  • Ensuring school health and safety
  • Overseeing school beautification efforts
  • Engaging and advocating for family involvement

10. Director of Finance

Do you have a knack for managing money? With the proper education and training, you could become a Director of Finance in your local school district.

In this job, you'll manage and oversee all academic business functions and make sure there are enough resources to go around. You'll also supervise and manage all the financial affairs of each school, develop a budget and set long-term financial goals.

In addition, you'll manage cash flow, revenues, and expenditures, communicating all results to the School Board. When tax season rolls around, you're responsible for preparing and filing your school's forms, as well as ensuring a clean audit. You'll also make sure all financially-required information is turned in to the state and federal governments.

11. Director of External Affairs

Interested in being the face of your school? As the Director of External Affairs, you will be.

As the name implies, this person is responsible for a majority of the public-facing work that a school does. This can range from student recruitment to fundraising.

To ramp up support, you'll craft and expertly tell your school's story to all key stakeholders. You can do so through print and digital marketing materials as well as in-person visits, social media outreach and more.

Find a non teaching Job in Education Management That Fits You

When you want to make a difference and leave a lasting impression, a non teaching job in education management fits the bill.

In this industry, you'll get to help shape the policies, strategies, and goals of the schools around you. As you do, you'll connect with teammates, students and faculty members alike.

Your first step? Research the education requirements for the position you want and put steps in place to pursue and achieve them. Then, you'll be ready to apply for available openings.

Want some help with your non teaching education-related job search? That's where we come in.

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