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Why Post Your Education Job on a Niche Job Board

Why Post Your Education Job on a Niche Job Board

In today's job market, recruiters and hiring managers have multiple options to find talent for open roles in their education organizations. As talent searches moved online during the 1990s, employers posted open roles on large, generalist job boards like Monster and Indeed. As job boards have evolved, however, the generalist approach has gone by the wayside for many employers and job seekers, both in and outside the education sector. Serious recruiters post roles on niche job boards, where they can find the top talent they need to fill open positions on their teams and within their organizations.

A niche job board is an online job board that provides industry-focused matching between employers and employees. For example, TrulyHired focuses on non-teaching roles in the education sector, but other niche job boards focus on advertising, government, human resources, medicine, and more. Niche job boards typically help recruiters and hiring managers to locate and hire more aligned talent than generalist job boards that cover all sectors. They provide a smaller number of high-quality candidates that share organizational values, typically saving organizations time and money with specialized and personalized knowledge behind the scenes.

Below, we take a closer look at the numerous benefits of posting your education job on a niche job board.

Smaller Candidate Pool with Higher Quality Candidates

The quality of the candidate pool is at the top of the list of why you should post your education job on a niche job board. Large generalist boards will give you many more applicants for your education job, but most will be unqualified. Posting on a niche board greatly reduces or eliminates unqualified candidates, especially those that either lack the sector-specific skills you are seeking (think curriculum design or school leadership) or that apply because of the pay or benefits but who lack a genuine interest in your space.

You might think you are missing out on those from other sectors who want to make a move to education. However, this is not the case. Those intending on leaving their industry to work for a school district or education nonprofit will also be seeking jobs on niche boards as well. Regardless of the candidate, niche boards tend to attract professionals interested in work in that field, ensuring a far-higher likelihood of mission alignment, increased retention, and impact.

Candidates on education niche boards have the specialized skills and relevant background, even if it involves working in a different sector. Of course, exceptions exist, but as a general rule, you will find higher-quality candidates on a niche board for your open positions in education.

Mission Aligned Audience

Posting your education job on a niche board also means you are more likely to reach candidates that are aligned with your organization’s mission. Reaching a mission aligned audience is strongly related to finding quality talent, but it is especially important in the education sector. Those who work in education, including teachers, instructional leaders, principals, administrators, and other staff in non-teaching roles, do so because they care about students. They care about access to education. They care about student success. And, they care about the communities they serve.

Potential job candidates coming to an education job board are specifically looking for jobs in education and likely share many of the same values as your education organization. This mission alignment also means that there's a good chance that the candidates who come to an education board will mesh well with your organizational culture. This fit leads to lower turnover and higher employee retention, resulting in cost savings for recruiting and onboarding.

Increased Exposure

You know that you need to recruit talent continuously, not just when you have an open education job to fill. Increasing awareness of your organization with students, job seekers, education professionals, and peers creates a pipeline of interest and talent. The best way to increase awareness is to increase your exposure. Depending on the type of education organization, increasing awareness and exposure translates to building your brand and drawing more talent your way.

A consistent presence on an education job board increases your exposure and serves as a marketing channel for your organization, regularly putting you in front of active and passive job seekers in the education sector. This is especially important for nonprofit education organizations that rely on donations and other philanthropic activities to finance their operations. Posting on an education job board sets you apart from your competitors and shows job seekers in the education sector that you know where to go to find the best talent.


When you pay to post your education jobs on the big general boards, you know how expensive it can be. The cost is even higher when you do not get the results you are seeking. Additionally, you have to sort through loads of unqualified candidates without experience in the education sector or transferrable skills for your open positions. Niche job boards typically deliver a much higher return on investment, making them more affordable when considering price per quality candidate. Even when the initial cost of placing a job on a niche board is higher than placing it on a general jobs board, many organizations still save massive amounts of money because they locate qualified talent quickly and do not need to repost several times to find the right candidates. This drastically reduces the funds your organization needs to spend to fill an open role, which is especially helpful when trying to find talent for hard-to-fill school administration roles.

Connect with Passive Job Seekers

The best niche job boards are more than a listing of open positions. Many niche boards, including those in the education sector, provide industry-related news and information, often through a blog and sometimes a community forum. In any case, niche job boards are a collection of engaged professionals committed to staying up-to-date on developments in their field and improving their skills. Not everyone that visits an education job board is actively seeking a new position, but they might be interested if the right opportunity comes along. When you list your education job on a niche board, you have a good chance of reaching these passive job seekers, effectively expanding your job candidate pool with additional quality candidates.

TrulyHired is unique in that as a specialized niche job board we offer a way to proactively reach out to passive job candidates. Our Enhanced Scan and Match Job Post markets to and directly invites highly-aligned candidates to apply to your job by using our proprietary algorithm to scan and match your job description with a database of over 45,000 JobSeekers. We bring the candidates to you with proactive outreach and extensive distribution and visibility of your role to JobSeekers who may not be actively searching for a role but would be a great fit for your opportunity.

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Access Other Services

Niche job boards are often a part of a larger organization that focuses on a specific sector, industry, or geographical area. Listing your job posting on an education job board gives you access to specialized expertise and services that cater to your recruitment needs and the education professionals you are trying to reach. For example,, which focuses on non-teaching jobs in education, is powered by WorkMonger. At WorkMonger, we help job seekers and employers in the education sector find open positions and top talent. We offer tailored services to make the right match.

Staff Who Understand Your Unique Sector

Another key benefit of listing your job on a niche job board is the chance to work with professionals who really understand your specific sector. For example, in the education sector, it is important to stay abreast of the education job market, industry news, competition, hiring trends, and challenges. Additionally, staff behind education job boards also understand the roles that schools and education organizations are looking for and which ones work best on their boards. An in-depth understanding of the education sector translates to support and advice with your recruitment strategies, so you get the best return on your investment.

More Control Over Your Job Postings

Large generalist job boards have massive amounts of recruiters and employers, sometimes making it difficult to communicate with people behind the scenes about your job posting. When you post your education job on a niche board, communication is easier and you will likely have more of a say in how your job ads are viewed and shared. It's easy to pay for a job posting and lose track of how and where it's being seen and who's seeing it. A niche job board often provides employers with more control over how their job listings are promoted and distributed to candidates. This gives you deeper insight into what recruitment strategies are working and which ones need to be changed.

Personalized Attention

Posting a job on a large generalist job board almost guarantees you won't get the personalized attention you deserve. There are far too many employers and many large organizations for those behind the board to offer tailored services to everyone. This is especially tragic for small organizations with small recruiting budgets. Niche job boards typically offer personalized attention to those who list with them. Although this attention can come in various forms, helping with constructing the best job descriptions and job ads is among the most important. The education professionals that read your job posting on a niche board expect a certain level of information; generic job ads typically do not perform well. Top talent looks for clear and informative descriptions before taking action. Listing your open education position on a niche board comes with the personalized attention and tailored service that gets you the best return on your investment.

Time Savings

Posting your education job on a niche board is a time saver. Time savings is a thread that runs through many of the other benefits of posting on niche job boards, but it deserves special treatment because of its impact. The largest and arguably most important aspect of saving time on your recruiting efforts is that you can devote your attention to other things. Less time spent on recruiting means more time for activities that help increase funding or revenue for your education organization and those that directly impact the students, families, and communities you serve. The biggest part of time savings comes from having a targeted candidate pool of quality candidates actively and passively seeking jobs in the broader education sector. You don't spend as much time in your search and making sound hiring decisions occurs more rapidly.

Post Your Education Job on TrulyHired

TrulyHired, powered by WorkMonger, focuses on connecting top talent looking for impactful non-teaching roles with the education organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of the students and communities they serve. We know that behind every incredible teacher, administrative professionals are dealing with budget proposals, operations, human capital, data analysis, curriculum development, policy, and more.

Our team knows how to get the right people in the right role, saving your organization the frustration, time, and money that comes with recruiting for education jobs on large generalist boards. Additionally, the right team members ensure your organization can effectively meet goals related to your mission. TrulyHired streamlines the hiring process and helps education organizations avoid costly poor hiring decisions.

If you are an innovative leader at an organization focused on educational equity and you seek diverse and passionate talent, post your open positions with TrulyHired. We work with all types of education organizations including school districts, community colleges, foundations, government agencies, education support organizations, education technology companies, advocacy organizations, and more. Visit to learn more.